Bathroom Vanity Tops Designs

Bathroom vanity tops are the vanity which is placed in the bathroom. This means that you place your vanity in your bathroom. Vanity is usually placed outside of the bathroom. However, this is usually placed in the bathroom which has wider size than usual. If it is placed in the small bathroom, it will make the bathroom looks narrower. So, when you want to use this bathroom vanity, you should think about the size, design, and the material which is used to make this vanity. There are some designs of this vanity namely simple, Indian, and black and white. I will explain one by one.

The first design of bathroom vanity tops is simple design. This bathroom vanity has the simple model or design. Simple here means that there is little accessories or carving in the mirror. This kind of bathroom vanity is the best one for me. Why? It is caused by when you have this bathroom vanity, you can use this bathroom vanity in all theme. This bathroom vanity is very neutral. This simple bathroom vanity will make your bathroom looks elegant with the simplicity of the design. Beside that the color which is used in this bathroom vanity is very neutral or soft color.

Bathroom vanity tops for the second design is Indian bathroom vanity. This bathroom vanity is very unique for me because this Indian bathroom vanity adapts Indian culture. We know that Indian is identic with the Indian ethnic group. They usually use the brown color or red color in all aspects of their life. So, when you want to have this Indian bathroom vanity you should use both of colors. Beside that you should use the wood as the material which is used to make Indian bathroom vanity. This will make your bathroom vanity looks more unique.

Black and white bathroom vanity design is the last design of bathroom vanity which will be explained in this article. We know that when you hear black and white, there is combination between both of those colors. Black and white is very neutral color than other colors. This kind of color can be used in all themes in your house. You can combine those colors in your sink and also the mirror. You can use black as the color of mirror side then you give white in the sink. If you do this, you will get perfect combination of bathroom vanity tops.

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