Best ikea Bathroom Design Should Keep Users In Mind

Best ikea bathroom design is rising from the realm of the merely functional. Luxurious dressing areas and sumptuous whirlpool tubs are turninghe lowly bathroom into a haven of relaxation.

But enjoyment isn’t the only thing to consider in best ikea bathroom design, she said – the bathroom should also be “easy to maintain and live with.” Bathroom remodeling is done for two reasons – updating and appearance. Bathrooms in older houses were simply not built to accommodate shavers, curling irons, electric toothbrushes, hairdryers or today’s toiletries, towels and books. Space, or the lack of it, is a main concern.

Some big old homes have best ikea bathroom design with lots of open space. When renovating these, recommends installing plumbing in the centre of the room. The pipes can be contained in an I-shaped wall in the centre, with the tub on one side and the toilet area on the other. This leaves the walls free for closet and storage space, and the bathroom is divided into two separate areas.

The standard five-foot by seven-foot bathroom in most older homes provides less plumbing flexibility, but creating additional storage space is still the main objective. She recommends taking six inches from a closet in an adjoining room to provide shelf space, or accessing the closet only through the bathroom. Even better would be to take the room next to the bathroom and create a large dressing area.

In a best ikea bathroom design, space can be gained simply by expanding counter tops. If the counter is extended over the toilet tank, be sure it is hinged to provide access. Or you could replace the old toilet with a lower unit. Some new units flush silently and never overflow.

Consider pastel colors when choosing fixtures, she says. They show fewer water spots. Matte finishes in the room give a warm, textured look and are easier to maintain.

Before embarking on a remodeling or redecorating scheme, plan and then plan some more. Consider who will be using the best ikea bathroom design – you, the kids, and an elderly parent. Do you and your spouse or children all dress at the same time? Do you wash your hair frequently and hate jumping into the shower or leaning over the tub each time? Once your needs have been determined, choose your fixtures accordingly. The 32-inch standard vanity may be too low for you or too high for your children. An elderly person may prefer a bath bar, a sitting shower or a higher toilet. A shampoo spray may be just what is needed at the sink to make hair rinsing less of a chore.

Proper ventilation and lighting must also be considered. When planning ventilation, ensure that you have air coming in as well as going out. A three-quarter-inch vent at the bottom of the door can draw air from the hall.

Lighting is important. Fluorescent light over the mirror is not flattering; use incandescent light instead. Consider lighting the toilet area – it’s a popular reading spot. Light the bath and shower, and provide a mirror for shaving. You can get fog-free mirrors or a special cleaning agent that prevents mist from forming.

Carpets can flow nicely from a carpeted bedroom. Make sure they are not jute-backed but have a urethane or plastic- coated under pad.

For the best ikea bathroom design, use the same pictures you would hang in your living room. But make sure you have good ventilation so they’re not damaged by moisture. As a precaution, have them sealed at the back with an extra piece of glass.

Pedestal sinks will be around for a long time, she says. As well as having a light, airy look, they allow you to get closer to the mirror. If you are considering mirrored shower doors, as a safety measure get acrylic doors rather than glass.

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