Divan Bed Guide

People have a tendency to get confused when it comes to the terminology that is involved in the process of acquiring a new bed. This is sometimes caused by the overwhelming variety of alternatives that are available. People who are shopping for new beds sometimes find the word “divan beds” to be one of the most enigmatic. This is merely a fancy phrase for describing something that the vast majority of people are already extremely acquainted with; much like many other things in life, this is something that most people are already quite familiar with.
So, what exactly are these beds called?
Simple beds with a foundation and a mattress are what we mean when we refer to them as divan beds (some also feature headboards but there are not usually included as standard with a new purchase).
After learning this, many individuals are taken aback when they are told that divan beds may really be outfitted with one of two distinct types of bases. In addition to the more common “sprung edge” base, which refers to a foundation that has bed springs built into it and provides increased levels of comfort and support, there is also the option of a “platform top,” which is a base that does not have springs built into it. The top of this divan bed foundation is solid, and there are no springs on the interior (although some platform top bed bases can have a padded layer on top, in order to provide enhanced comfort and support to the sleeper). Platform top divan bed bases are often a bit less expensive than sprung edge divan bed bases. As a result, platform top divan bed bases provide a more inexpensive and economical alternative for those who are interested in experiencing the pleasure of sleeping in a quality divan bed.
Many individuals, after having gained an understanding of what a divan bed is, will then on to inquire as to which kind of bed base is superior to the others. The plain and simple fact of the situation is that it all boils down to a question of personal taste. People who are interested in purchasing a divan bed for themselves should first try out as many different combinations of divan bed base and mattress as they possibly can, and then choose on the one that they feel will provide them with the most pleasant and restful night’s sleep. Dreams.co.uk is the place to go if you want more information about divan beds. Not only does Dreams provide a wonderful selection of divan, bunk, double, and single beds at excellent pricing, but their customer care staff will also ensure that you obtain the appropriate bed for your requirements.

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