Divan Bed Guide

When it comes to the terminology involved in purchasing a new bed, people can sometimes start to feel a little flustered by the daunting array of options which are available. One if the most elusive terms for people looking for new beds is ‘divan beds’. Like many things in life, this is simply a fancy word for describing something that the majority of people are already very familiar with.
So what are divan beds?
Divan beds are merely a bed which consists of a base and a mattresses (some also feature headboards but there are not usually included as standard with a new purchase).
After finding this out, many people are surprise to be informed that there are actually two different kinds of bases for divan beds. As well as the more traditional ‘sprung edge’ base (which is a base with bed springs inside, which offers greater levels of comfort and support), there is also the relatively new ‘platform top’ option. This divan bed base features a solid top with no springs inside (although some platform top bed bases can have a padded layer on top, in order to provide enhanced comfort and support to the sleeper). Platform top divan bed bases are generally a little cheaper than sprung edge bases, providing a more affordable and economical option for those who want to experience the comfort of sleeping in a quality divan bed.
Armed with the knowledge of what a divan bed is, many people will go on to venture the following question: “which is the best kind of bed base?” The simple truth to the matter is that it is purely a case of preference. People who are looking to purchase a divan bed for themselves should go and test as many divan bed base and mattress combination as they can, then choose the option that they believe will give them the most comfortable sleeping experience. For futher infomation on Divan beds head over to Dreams.co.uk today, Dreams offer a great range of Divan, bunk, double and single beds all at fantastic prices, there customer service team will also make sure you get the right bed for your needs.

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