Girl Bedroom Ideas Use Space Wisely

Girl bedroom designs make efficient use of available space

The value of available space in condos is really high. Therefore, when the interior designers at Tanner Hill Associates Inc. were arranging a girl bedroom ideas downtown model suite for a young professional who worked from home, they chose to make the second bedroom into much more than just a place to sleep.

The conclusion is a concept for a girl’s bedroom in the 1,002 square foot Aida model for the Opera Place project, which is located at Bay and Wellesley. The suite has been put up in an existing tower that is near the third phase, and it previews the future Allegro, which will be Tower III.

The second model suite, which was a one-girl bedroom idea, had cotton cabbage-rose chintz furnishings and a girl bedroom ideas that were done in classic eye-lighted lace. These elements contributed to the suite’s very feminine decorative touch. This model suite for two-girl bedroom ideas has a more tailored look, with hunter green and brown being the predominant colors.

The corner suite was decorated by an interior designer working with a budget of $13,000 (excluding costs), and she had a modest laminate work desk created to fit in a recessed spot in front of the window. Because it is oriented toward the window, the desk, which measures 8 feet in length and 24 inches in width, makes effective use of natural light “and a terrific lighting source and a beautiful view.”

There is a bookshelf that “provides support” for the desk that is built right inside the desk itself.
A thick cotton valance in chocolate brown with a cord trim lends a very masculine style to the window, while also matching the taupe hue of the walls. The light coming in from the window may be controlled with Venetian blinds.

A brown couch bed with throw cushions and a queen-sized mattress that is concealed below it can be found to the right of the desk.

In order for movers to be able to maneuver the couch through the unit’s doors, the arms of the sofa had to be specially tailored to be thinner than those of a standard sofa.

When acquiring a condo, it is a significant factor that purchasers often fail to take into mind. In addition to this, smaller rooms need the use of scaled-down furniture in order to avoid overwhelming the available space by taking up too much of it.

A cupboard that contains a little television can be found just across from the couch. This relocates the entertainment area away from the living room and dining room area and into a multi-use room that acts as a home school study room, family room, and office, in addition to serving as an additional room for a girl to sleep in.

All of the furniture that was utilized for the second girl bedroom ideas was either manufactured to order or acquired at easily accessible locations like Pier One or another similar store. Some of the items in the condo unit were salvaged from the warehouse where they were originally stored.

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