House With An Attractive Design

House with an attractive design

House with an attractive design, simple but still categorized as a luxury that is perfect for chatting with your beloved family. A small garden with lovely flowers on display for everyone to deliberately always fascinated to see it. Front porch is simple but can be said to be unique with a charming marble floors and comfortable foot. And arrangement of seats encircling the table for a place to relax with family welcomes friends’ mega dusk and the flowers are blooming. Living room with sofa ready to emit golden yellow comfort for a stopover on it. Do not forget to match the wall color is yellow-storey elegant little white patterned roses on each corner. Are you ready to welcome all guests. a little peek through the door into the hanging starfish. Middle of the room there are three rooms around it. Began to enter the living room when the eyes are treated to television with a blue couch that matched the walls emit a refreshing sea blue eyes. Side of the street there are large windows that showcase the side yard with green grass neat.

In front of the television unfolds gray carpet with a comfortable feather in the stampede. Turned to the left of the main room is quite spacious. In which there is a bed ready to accompany a long night. On the left there is a tiny window so that the sun broke through these rooms unimpeded. Front of the bed do not forget the dressing table complete with tiny chairs are comfortable. Shifted slightly to accommodate a large closet contained clothes. Walls of the rooms offer a romantic impression with a soft pink color is ready to lull the eye.

Of the main room we move into the next room that offers a cheerful atmosphere with floral and snow on the walls. And table equipped place to learn computer and bookshelves that are ready to accommodate all sorts of books. At the right corner there is a patterned wardrobe cartoon funny and interesting. And do not forget in every room there is a bathroom comfortable and clean. From the second room we moved into the third room in specialize for guests staying.very simple but comfortable to unwind let alone a new one to travel far. and the very back of the kitchen with a refreshing green not forget the other furniture that meets this space is well organized and able to create a sense of comfort for anyone who is in her. Please see sitemaps for other reference

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