Some Tips Decoration Ideas For Your Living Room

Some Tips Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Decorating living room at home with varying sizes is a challenge, especially for a Home decorator. In addition to deserving guests, Decoration This space must be set for comfortable and memorable are not full. House decorator should pay attention to it.

Home Decoration Ideas, some people deny the living room in his house. In the tiny houses, living room function is often combined with other space. For example, guests who were admitted directly familiar in the family room. Meanwhile, other guests quite welcome on the patio home.

But for some people, living room or room decor remains a very important part because the living room reflects the character of the owner. For homes with a mediocre size of course in addition to deserving guests, Decorating Rooms or spaces shall be arranged in such a way so as not to spend too much room. For homeowners that is wide enough, this certainly would not be a problem especially for a Home House decorator or decorator.

In a small house, the living room of course also the tiny size, so do not meet the living room with furniture. Simply provide the two-seat sofa (two seaters), a single seater sofa, and a small table. If there is more room to add a corner table. Existing furniture if possible place it propped against the wall for the room look more spacious.

Most importantly, laying did not disrupt the flow of circulation from the entrance to other rooms. At home with the size of the living room large enough or large, can put a sofa with a large enough size, for example with 3-2-1 seaters sofa and coffee table and end table with nearly the same as putting a small house so as not to disrupt the flow circulation into the other room.

To avoid monotony, combining two different sofas are very interesting. The difference here the intention is different shapes, different designs, or color differences. To menjembataninya seek common thread between the two, for example in the form of a matching color.

In the spacious living room with a limited, more suitable filled with furniture that is lightweight, thick seat, such as a sofa gives the impression of weight. But the selection of the right couch can make the living room was not fully impressed.

Tips on selecting a sofa for example with bright color, choose a sofa with two-seaters, do not dwell on the standard size sofa (generally 80cm wide) because it will make the room more narrow, select the size of 60 cm or 50 cm, if it wanted to put the sofa against the wall , select the ottoman. This will also save space or a sofa without armrests. [via]

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