Special Tips For Decorating Your Home

A themed residential blue like the sea that make anyone feel comfortable at home. Modest-sized house because it is not large and the L-shaped with five rooms are arranged perfectly. The first is the living room which is at the foot of the letter L with a door that is next to the right corner. semicircular sofa that was in the top left corner that overlooks the entire front window overlooking the fish pond beside the house and do not forget ornamental stones in order like a cave. Sofa that blends with the blue carpet under the light of the same color as comfortable on the feet resting on a small table to top. Do not forget the fresh roses that will add comfort when they are in this space.

Trying to see into the body of the letter L. at the time began to open the door connecting the living and the next will be seen a long hallway to the back end. Order of each space in this section is almost like the hotel and the course as well as the way the hotel lobby. The first two rooms overlooking the living room is equipped with a blue starfish ornament at each door. The first room contains a king-size bed two people. Do not forget the big window on the left side for air circulation in the chamber smoothly. In the lower left corner there is a large wardrobe and dressing table next to it complete with a tiny chair.

The second room is more like a child’s room with the beautiful underwater scenery designs on the walls. A small bed facing a window with ornaments funny turtle became the scene of each will and after sleep. From room to two now moved to the next room, the dining room large enough equipped televisions overlooking the large windows overlooking the side garden overgrown with roses and orchids. In this space all the furniture in order so that anyone who was in it to feel comfortable and happy. In the left corner near the window there is a large aquarium containing some ornamental fish which ran happily in it. The last is the most rear. With kitchen is a place to cook a simple and convenient ready to produce special dishes for your beloved family. The right was a small bathroom for the family. Still with refreshing shades of blue, all utensils neatly in place. at the end of a small tunnel like a hotel lobby in the end by the back door which connect kitchen with a small garden for a family gathering place at night and early morning. In this park there is a seat that circles a pretty shady mango trees.

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