The Modern Bathroom For Small House Comes Of Age

No wonder so many new homes include a bathroom for each bedroom. Surveys of builders show that this feature is their single biggest sales promoter.

It also doesn’t hurt, investment-wise, to add an extra bathroom or expand a modern bathroom for small house in the course of a remodeling project. It is estimated that such an improvement will bring a 110 percent return on its cost at the time of the sale of the home.

That’s a great incentive for those who believe that any major expenditure should pay for itself. And even if that motive doesn’t apply in your own case, there’s still ample reason to consider a modern bathroom for small house overhaul or add-on. Comfort and aesthetics count for a lot in and of themselves, and the bathroom has become a place where these factors are increasingly important.

Most modern bathroom for small house are designed as though they were full-fledged living environments, not merely “the necessary“ that our grandparents considered them to be. Containing all the latest gadgets, today’s large bathrooms are meant for relaxation as much as for the more traditional uses.

But a modern bathroom for small house need not be palatial to serve as an asset. If well-designed and properly colored, a smaller, compact space also can be made more serviceable and attractive.

It’s essential, however, to make some key distinctions before undertaking any renovation work.

In modern bathroom for small house, the aim should be to compartmentalize different functions, such as bathing, dressing and storage. Mirrored doors and walls, along with other kinds of dividers and camouflage, will help a great deal in preventing a larger space from becoming cluttered and chaotic.

The opposite approach is often what’s needed in a modern bathroom for small house.

Because there’s no space for added partitions, careful attention should be paid, in these instances, to the room’s basic design and details. As the accompanying photo suggests, a modern bathroom for small house stylistic direction can be established by including a few features like a pedestal sink, a decoratively framed mirror and open shelving for towels.

Here, Art Deco was the inspiration in a remodeling project. Those added decorative touches – the column and the masks on the wall – cleverly reinforce the look suggested by the main elements.

All the walls in this setting, as well as the tub, were wrapped in a Wilonsart Solicor plastic laminate in two colors. This surfacing gives the room a finished, unified appearance while dramatizing the relatively small space through contrasting bands of color.

The floor, redone in a subtly patterned ceramic tile, echoes the other surfaces in its coloring. A sophisticated lighting system also helps lift this modern bathroom for small house far out of the ordinary.

Although this was obviously no minor or inexpensive make-over, you might agree that the results are well worth the investment. A future buyer would also, I suspect, find this a feature worth paying for.

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