The Right Beds For Small Spaces

Having somewhere your guests can rest their heads at night is generally something we all wish to have in our homes. However, quite often we are faced with space issues, resulting in an airbed and a sleeping bag hastily thrown together when your guests wish to sleep.
For many of us a convenient place to put our guests is the living room, therefore you need a guest bed that will ideally act as seating during the day. Guest beds that are sofa beds are a great invention. These adaptable sofas are ideal for living room spaces that have enough floor space to pull out a bed when guests need it.
The sofas are comfortable and are easy to pull out into a bed. You could have a simple two-fold sofa that cleanly flattens out to a double bed, or you could have a sofa bed that has the base of the bed folded up inside and you pull it out, a bit like a futon, when needed.
If you are blessed with a spare room, but it is the size of cupboard then you will need a guest bed option that suits the space. In this situation a bed chair is ideal. It acts as a chair by day and can be easily pulled out at night for a very comfortable single bed. Being able to offer your guest a bed in a room of their own gives them that little extra privacy and makes them feel even more comfortable in yourhome.
If your only available space for guests is in your room then a small futon is perhaps your answer. It can fit into a corner and be used as seating to read your book when you do not have guests round. Then you can smoothly pull it out when you need it as a bed. It can also be a great option if you have a child with re-occurring nightmares who needs the reassurance of the option of having a bed next to their parents if needs be.
Find the perfect bed for your space at and you will be set for guests.

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