What Estate Agents Do?

What estate agents do?

Those that either wish to buy or sell a property tend to invest in the help of an estate agent.  The estate agent is the one that will take both the buyer’s and seller’s criteria into consideration in order to determine whether they are able to either find or sell a suitable property.

The estate agent’s upmost and initial priority is to establish a fair market value for the seller’s property. Once they have this they will then be able to show potential viewers around the property. It is therefore essential that both the buyer and seller are completely honest with the estate agent.

Being honest will make for a much quicker procedure; it will also allow the buyer to purchase a new home at a price that suits them, just as it will allow the seller to sell their existing home at a fair price to both the buyer and themselves.

When an estate agent shows a potential buyer around a property, they will generally point out the good points of the property.  This could be the location, which regards the closeness of schools, universities, shops and transport.  It could also be the current state of the property, for example; some buyers may prefer a property that is ready to move into, whilst others may be looking for a challenge and something to put their own mark on.

The estate and letting agent must therefore find out exactly what it is that their buyers want, and this way they will be able to match them to the perfect property and be more likely to make a sale.

Buying a property is a big commitment and those that wish to invest in such an investment want to know that they have made the right choice.  This is where the help of an estate agent comes into play.  It is however a very competitive world and estate agents sometimes will only make their fee if they are too sell a property.  This is why it is important to choose carefully!

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